In 2001, Confeeder Shipping & Chartering was founded at the initiative of the Management Board of JR Shipping Group. This made and makes Confeeder the first and only container feeder chartering expert in the Dutch short sea shipping industry. Its mission is: to provide transparent, sustainable and customer-specific services to container feeder line operators. In a short space of time, Confeeder has succeeded in counting a large number of players in the container feeder market among its customers.

Transparent charter procedures

Confeeder enters into open relations, based on mutual respect and confidence. While we represent JR Shipping Group’s container feeder vessels, we operate independently. The interests of our customer relations come first. That is what we dedicate ourselves to; that is what we stand for.

Using JR Shipping’s vessels as working capital, we have a solid proposition for our customers. We know the vessels; we also know the capabilities of the fully certified organization ashore which oversees their technical and operational management. Based on that certainty, we provide quality and continuity of operations. During the entire charter period, you can count on us making swift decisions, securing transparent charter contracts and fully committing ourselves.

Competitive time charter broker

Besides being the commercial manager for the JR Shipping container feeder fleet, Confeeder successfully operates as a competitive time charter broker for short sea dry cargo vessels and container feeder vessels. We know the market; we scan the market. Through the years, we have built up an international maritime network that enables us to put ideal arrangements in place for any demand. We are your brokers for all-time charters.

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